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  1. Roca Round Baskets, Natural Rattan (Set of 4)

    Special Price €129 Regular Price €179
  2. Siena Mirror, no frame (set of 3)

    Special Price €129 Regular Price €179
  3. Luna Standing Mirror, Black Steel

    Special Price €169 Regular Price €229
  4. Luna Mirror, Black Steel Ø60 cm

    Special Price €99 Regular Price €139
  5. Jessy Mirror, Black steel & Black frame

    Special Price €29 Regular Price €39
  6. Gelso Round Basket, Natural Leaf

    Special Price €49 Regular Price €69
  7. Harper Coat Stand, Black Metal

    Special Price €149 Regular Price €169
  8. Leocadia Wall Clock with LCD Display, Black

    Special Price €25 Regular Price €29
  9. Duron Round Baskets, Natural Rattan (Set of 2)

    Special Price €99 Regular Price €129
  10. Vice Wardrobe, Black frame & 2 black shelves

    Special Price €169 Regular Price €229
  11. Harper Mirror, Black frame

    Special Price €99 Regular Price €109
  12. Logan Rug, Berber-style Cotton (160x230 cm)

    Special Price €139 Regular Price €199
  13. Siena Mirror, Steel frame (40x60 cm)

    Special Price €59 Regular Price €89
  14. Dante Sculpture, Brown Teak Wood

    Special Price €169 Regular Price €229
  15. Dover Clothes Rack, Black Steel & Natural Oak

    Special Price €309 Regular Price €359
  16. Jessy Mirror, Brass look & steel frame

    Special Price €29 Regular Price €39
  17. Wally Cotton Blanket, Green & White

    Special Price €49 Regular Price €59
  18. Uta Artificial lambskin Rug, Beige, 60x180cm

    Special Price €59 Regular Price €89
  19. Mason Mirror, natural Rattan Ø50 cm

    Special Price €59 Regular Price €79
  20. Dedok Storage Trunk, grey rattan, 3 pcs

    Special Price €319 Regular Price €449
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Home décor is about making your house into a home. It’s about finding the right balance of comfort and style, and creating an interior that reflects your personality. Whether you’re looking to update your furniture, or just want to rearrange things for a fresh look, we are here to help you create an affordable, but stylish look.

Know Your Style

There are numerous styles of home decoration but chances are you are attracted more or less to some of the following directions - minimalism, maximalism, traditional, or eclectic. Let’s say your home is industrial, contemporary, Scandinavian, urban, mid-century modern, asian zen or feng shui, then it’s characterised by a rather minimalistic view - it features clean lines, promotes tranquillity, and leaves the impression that you are eager to know the future. On the other side, you have fans of Art Deco, French country, Bohemian, or Shabby Chic - styles that are closer to the maximalist spectre, with a nostalgic mood for history and art, vintage and antique furnishings.

Eclectic styles are for the bold, those who don’t believe a room should look like too much of one particular style. The ones that can pull off styles like Hollywood regency, delightfully blending Art-Deco inspiration with a grown-up sense of high-polished glamour. If you are one of these people, then you like to have fun and be much more expressive within your home decoration ideas. You may include traditional furnishings and mix them with modern elements. Eclectic styles offer a great opportunity for your imagination to burst, however, you should consider that they require verve and a great eye.

When we say traditional, we keep in mind everything is rooted in traditional interior ideas - you may pick rustic, farmhouse, biophilic, or stick to beige furniture and Persian rugs, but at the end, you can incorporate any design piece that makes a statement speaking to your personality.  

Reveal Your Own Creativity

Decorating an interior is one of the best ways to show our creativity and taste. With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But with a little guidance from our team, you can easily find the perfect pieces to create the home of your dreams. Remember, try to define your style by asking yourself what is the dominant theme. What are most of your furniture pieces and decoration items suggesting? Is there any sub-theme you can define, and be aware of? It’s all about seeing the whole picture and predicting how a detail would fit in it.   

Home decoration is all about the details. One little piece can change the whole look and feel of your space, so never underestimate the importance of design accessories. Add a cotton blanket to your grey fabric sofa or splash a little colour with our lovely sets of cushions and your interior will be completely changed! You are the artist of your own home, so don’t hesitate to explore different colours, textures and shapes. 

Turn Your Office into a Dream Place

A sophisticated office decoration can increase productivity and create a more professional environment for customers and clients. Even if you are a freelancer working from home, you can easily boost your inspiration with our affordable decoration items. 

If you are kind of stuck, adding an artistic touch to your working space like a glass vase may be what you are looking for. What makes home office decor ideas really good is a bit of provocation, a creative stimulus that would shake things up without disrupting your business vibe. Try adding a chequered Scotch cushion to your working chair, or seek comfort with a new rug. A new stylish clock on the wall is always a game changer. Take a look at our great selection of berber-style rugs, lambskins or cotton ones with print.

Find Decoration That Best Fits Your Style

No matter what style you go for, our team will set you up with the best solution. Sometimes adding a retro vase from our collection to your bedside table can completely change the mood of your bedroom. Mirrors, for example, can optically enlarge the space of your studio and a round rug under one of our benches gives your industrial look a cosier touch. 

Home & decor should be a realm of your fantasy guiding you to the best visual representation of yourself and your comfort zone. A classy coat stand, some soft furnishings like pillows, runners, or blankets, it’s all about choosing the right elements to embellish your space. Find what suits your interior best in our large and affordable selection of home decoration. 

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