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Storage furniture like bedside tables, kitchen storage and more; we have suitable fit for every room in your home.

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  1. Alec Cabinet, Natural MDF & Black

    Special Price €499 Regular Price €724
  2. Vice Wardrobe, Black frame & 2 black shelves

    Special Price €180 Regular Price €261
  3. Alix Coat Stand, Grey MDF

    Special Price €49 Regular Price €80
  4. Vice TV Stand, Black frame & two black shelves

    Special Price €89 Regular Price €111
  5. Monda Shelf, Black Steel frame

    Special Price €39 Regular Price €50
  6. Pandora Bench, Grey Fabric & Black steel

    Special Price €119 Regular Price €179
  7. Turu Pouffe, Black Velvet with storage

    Special Price €59 Regular Price €96
  8. Copenhagen TV Stand, Natural Oak

    Special Price €749 Regular Price €1,086
  9. Ophelia Bedside table, Marble look & brass frame

    Special Price €247 Regular Price €359
  10. Floyd Bedside Table, White Wood

    Special Price €133 Regular Price €193
  11. Abby TV Stand & Media Storage, Oak

    Special Price €871 Regular Price €1,263
  12. Alix Coat Stand, White MDF

    Special Price €49 Regular Price €80
  13. Anita Bedside Table, Black Wood & Metal frame

    Special Price €123 Regular Price €179
  14. Armar TV Stand, Black Top & Metal legs

    Special Price €942 Regular Price €1,366
  15. Harper Coat Stand, Black Metal

    Special Price €129 Regular Price €193
  16. Hobart Display Cabinet, Black Steel & Glass (large)

    Special Price €799 Regular Price €1,158
  17. Anita Bedside Table, Grey Wood & Metal frame

    Special Price €123 Regular Price €179
  18. Anita Bedside Table, White Wood & Metal frame

    Special Price €123 Regular Price €179
  19. Anita Bedside Table, White Wood & Oak legs

    Special Price €171 Regular Price €248
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The way we organise and store our belongings has a big impact on the way our studio, apartment or house look and feel. Yet, many of us don’t give much thought to our storage furniture beyond its function. But with a little bit of planning, your storage furniture can be both functional and stylish. At we are ready to help you get started.

Choose your storage furniture style

Minimalism is the natural way to go when you pick storage furniture as its purpose is to give you space, so it makes sense not to add more volume to it. Airy minimalistic designs with thin lines are especially suited when you are looking for kitchen or hallway storage. These are the living spaces where room is never enough and needed most. But when it comes to bedroom tables, there are many options you can explore while looking for synergy within all your bedroom furniture. You may stick to the classic rectangular shapes with or without drawers, or explore more untraditional shapes like round futuristic forms or chunky oak legs. You may even go bolder and pick a statement-making piece like our Ophelia with marble look and brass frame.

Turn your bedroom into a private oasis

Our wide assortment of storage furniture offers you affordable bedside tables and baskets in different sizes and shapes. The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in a home. It's where you sleep and relax, so it's important to make sure it is comfortable and well organised. Fortunately, now you can also make it look elegant and luxurious. You can finally quit compromising with quality and get yourself a sustainable piece at a reasonable price. We have carefully selected and crafted the best possible bedside storage designs for you to choose from. Classic wooden bedside or a stylish marble one? It’s up to you!

You are the master of your kitchen

Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or not, our expert team knows well that an organised kitchen is crucial to every interior. Kitchen storage works well for those who love preparing rich dishes and need much space for spices, tupperware, pots and trays, as it does for those who simply enjoy artistic settings with flowers, candles, travel souvenirs or other decorations. After all, the kitchen always ends up to be the living space where we spend time the most.

Here are some tips for creating more storage in your kitchen. If you're short on space, install shelves with steel frames for a more industrial look so that you can store dishes and cookware. You could also add a drink trolley to your kitchen for additional prep space and storage.

If you like to keep things curvy you may want to add a circular shelf on your wall like our industrial City shelf made of black steel and natural wood. And if you really want to impress your guests with your living space this Amsterdam Wall Shelf might just be the versatile piece of furniture you need.

Your hallway, the hidden gem of your home

First impressions matter. Luckily, you can now impress people from the moment they walk up the front door. Having your coats and shoes well organised ensures a warm welcome to your guests. You can easily do that with our Monda Shelf with a steel frame for a classy and stylish look, and a shoe rack of your choice.

Hallways are often problematic as there is typically not a lot of space to work with. There are, however, some creative and affordable ways to store items in hallways. At we offer stylish wardrobes with black frames and shelves to store your clothes. If you have enough space, you can always add a fabric bench for a more Scandinavian look and comfort. And if you are looking for additional optimization, the Pandora bench featuring a shoe rack would be the perfect piece for you.

Make your day-to-day easier

With smart organisation and crafty storage solutions your living space can become truly comfortable for your family as well as welcoming for your friends. Proper hallway storage will help you feel calm every time you enter your home. Convenient kitchen storage will save you time while cooking and give you more opportunities for home decoration. Bedside storage can definitely add some character to the bedroom, and even a small bedroom table could be enough to give a fresher look to the interior. Shelves, benches and wardrobes, we offer all items with the highest of quality for you to choose from, to facilitate your routine, and make more space for your imagination.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for offers, decoration ideas and more.

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