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Lead a life as unique as your persona.

Your existence isn't one-size-fits-all, so your dwelling shouldn't be either.


That's the ethos behind our flexible design options, where the dimensions, colours, and materials are all adaptable to your preference.


How we work

Furnicher has collaborated with seasoned interior design professionals across the EU to help create a home that reflects your style.

  • Tell us about the rooms you'd like to spruce up.
  • The nearest interior design partners will pick out and start the project.
  • They'll send a clear quote and be there for you, from start to finish!

Initiate your interior design project for either your home or business here by booking a consultation at no cost.




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In partnership with prominent Interior Designers and Architects to provide interior design services for both consumers and trades, offering services to NL, DE, FR, BE and EU markets.


Top category picks.

Our collection of modern furniture, designer lighting and home decor.

Our interior design partners help refine your vague ideas into tangible plans, ensuring the home you end up with resonates with your way of life.

Exploring Interior Design

Interior design, at Furnicher, is a journey towards tailoring spaces that align with your lifestyle, letting you express your authenticity and create cherished memories.


We're a team – and you're in it.

With our design consultants, you retain control over your project while benefiting from expert advice.

Interior design here is a collective effort, pivoting on open communication and trust, with a mutual goal of achieving your complete satisfaction.


Empowering your vision

Our design partners help bolster your confidence, turning the home furnishing process into a learning and enjoyable venture.

They provide insight on materials, trends, and product care, enriching your design experience.


Make the right investment

Investing in interior design and selection of furniture is a step towards lasting comfort and aesthetic appeal.

At Furnicher, we guide you in making informed choices that not only suit your lifestyle but also stand the test of time, ensuring your peace of mind.


Express your style

With over 50 materials and finishes to choose from, Furnicher provides a canvas for your style.

Our interior consultants help ensure your selections are well-coordinated across different designs, creating a harmonious look in your home.


Measured to perfection

Our consultants aid in precise measurements, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.

It's about creating a home that’s not only visually pleasing but also practical and comfortable.


What you'll gain

Working with a design consultant offers peace of mind, tangible deliverables like drawings and 3D visualisations, and a collaborative relationship. Your consultant becomes a trusted advisor for interior ideas and trend inspirations, making the design process less daunting and more enjoyable. Ready to begin? Fill out the form above, and let’s embark on this exciting project together.



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