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Every living requires a different size sofa to fit the style and space.

Find your fit from our variety of lounge sofas, 2 seaters, 3 seaters and corner sofas.

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  1. Faye Round Daybed, Taupe Fabric

    Special Price €1,289 Regular Price €1,489
  2. Dublin 2 Seater Sofa, Chunky Boucle

    Special Price €489 Regular Price €689
  3. Comfy U-Sofa, Dark Blue Velvet + 4 pillows

    Special Price €2,889 Regular Price €3,499
  4. Boca Wooden Garden Bench, Natural Teak

    Special Price €429 Regular Price €529
  5. Cabo Wooden Outdoor Bench, Natural Teak

    Special Price €399 Regular Price €459
  6. Ginevra Daybed, Beige Fabric

    Special Price €999 Regular Price €1,129
  7. Kyto Outdoor Sofabed Lounge Set, Grey Rattan

    Special Price €899 Regular Price €1,079
  8. Terry Garden Sofa, Natural Rattan

    Special Price €449 Regular Price €499
  9. Terry Garden Sofa, Black Rattan

    Special Price €449 Regular Price €499
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Every home is unique. At we truly believe that turning your place into a real home might be a long process, but full of fun and adventures. Decorating your living room is often the most difficult part as it’s where we spend most of our precious spare time. We are here to help you choose the right elements, starting with the most prominent one - the sofa.

It’s a colourful world

Don’t be afraid to add some splash of colour to your living room. Bet on a green velvet sofa for a little fancy touch or add some of our decorative cushions as an addition to your stylish grey sofa. Not a big fan of eccentric choices? Then оur affordable fabric sofas are most suitable for you and your studio. You can choose among a large corner sofa to match with our Scandinavian chairs or you can always rely on an all-time classic such as the leather corner sofa.

All about the space

Optimising space in a small studio or even in a big apartment in the best way possible may be a challenging task. We have taken some time to work on providing you the most affordable solutions for every living room. Have you seen our corner sofas? They are the most suitable solution to almost every situation as they are amazingly comfortable, easy to decorate and we have a large selection of fabrics and colours to please every taste. We are here to help you with a piece of advice about the sofa that works best for your living room. If you are in search of a u shaped sofa, a small corner sofa or a large velvet sofa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff.

More than a sofa

At we are really familiar with different space challenges, nights that turn into days and long weekends. That’s why we picked some great sofa beds with a functional and easy to use click-system. In the blink of an eye your comfy sofa turns into a dream bed so that you can not only spend a night in front of the TV, but be sure that your guests will feel at home. All done with laying down, easily fold back your sofa and organise your space again. A sofa bed is where design meets function.

The right type of upholstery

Creating the right atmosphere for your living room or other space at home does not have to be hard. With the right type of furniture in the right style you can create a soothing display. A leather corner sofa in your modern and minimalist interior creates a sleek look. Whereas a fabric corner sofa may create a softer and more dynamic look in a modern home. Bring a more contemporary look to your living space, with a velvet sofa of your choice. A velvet corner sofa brings a touch of softness to your home while preserving its classy style. Find a suitable sofa that matches your style in our wide selection of stylish sofas.

Inspiration for every type of style

No matter what it is you are looking for in terms of a stylish sofa, we have got you covered. Find a selection of rattan corner sofas that suit your outdoor setting or combine with a natural interior indoors. For those looking for a more sleek type of finish we have leather sofas in a variety of styles and colours. A leather corner sofa may find its place in a more spacious interior whereas a leather 2 seater sofa finds its place anywhere. If you want to go for a more soft touch we also have what you need. Fabric sofas in different sizes and styles that complement your living space with a splash of softness. A more sophisticated style can be created with a velvet sofa that emanates both softness and style. Top off with a marble coffee table and your contemporary style is complete. With a green velvet sofa you can break up the conventional style of your room. Find a match for your interior in our wide assortment of sofas.

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