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Towards Sustainable Business's mission is to source eco-friendly and sustainable products and additional packaging wherever possible in order to minimise our environmental impact.

This includes our housekeeping, which is the general running of the business and offices and warehouses. It also applies to the process of sourcing and designing our own products as well as the materials used to ship parcels to customers.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and complying with all regulatory requirements. We have integrated environmental factors into core business decisions and we continue to increase awareness and train employees.


 Responsible packaging

It is crucial to use packaging material. It is important to ensure that furniture is properly protected during transportation.

We believe we can reduce our environmental footprint by using responsible packaging. We will reduce our use of packaging materials while still protecting our furniture.

We will use recyclable and/or recycled materials as much as possible and search for alternative materials for the materials that we currently use.

Our Suppliers

We have a list of preferred suppliers. We are constantly updating our supplier list to look for new companies that share our vision of using sustainable, eco-friendly materials and production techniques to help us achieve our goal.

To ensure that suppliers and manufacturers are compliant with our Supplier Compliance, we send them a questionnaire. This allows us to categorise our products more efficiently and also provides clear information to our customers.


Introducing our new brand name: Furnicher

Furnicher connects mindful buyers with stylish furniture, lighting & home décor suitable for both home or trade.

 in partnership with

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For every order, we plant a tree in your honour, absolutely free!

From to Furnicher

A brand name is more than just a label. It embodies identity, values, and purpose. That's why renaming a company requires careful consideration, as it represents a significant milestone. It demands investment, commitment, determination, and often a leap of faith.

So, why embark on this transformative journey? Sometimes, it becomes necessary to evolve and thrive as a business. For us, it marks the beginning of an exciting new phase.

Here, we'll share our remarkable transition from to Furnicher — the inspiration behind it, its significance, and what lies ahead.


The decision to rebrand: Introducing Furnicher

Renaming a company is a momentous occasion. There can be various reasons for such a change — a desire for innovation, a need to resonate more with customers, or a reflection of a refined brand vision.

For us, it was an opportunity to enhance our brand's identity as a modern design furniture company, specialising in beautiful furniture and home decor for both residential and trade purposes.

After careful deliberation, we arrived at Furnicher — a name that perfectly captures our essence. Furnicher represents our dedication to providing stylish and contemporary furniture pieces that transform spaces into exquisite living environments.


Our misssion

Furnicher signifies our commitment to creating stunning, well-crafted designs that inspire and elevate the aesthetics of any interior or exterior space. It embodies the passion we have for offering an extensive range of modern furniture and home decor collections.

With Furnicher, we embark on a new journey, celebrating the art of modern living and the boundless possibilities it brings. We're thrilled to introduce Furnicher as our new brand name, representing our vision and commitment to providing exceptional furniture and home decor experiences.


Our promise

As we embark on this vibrant journey with a fresh commercial name and a new online presence, we are eager to reassure you that the core values and commitment of Republic Group BV remain steadfast and unchanged. The same company that you have grown to trust and love, now with a renewed energy and a broader spectrum of offerings, continues to be guided by the ethos, strength, and integrity that has been upheld over the years.


Our commitment to quality, trust, and customer satisfaction remains our top priority. Even as we evolve, embrace this exciting new chapter with us, where we continue to inspire with exceptional furniture and decor, offering the added benefits of free shipping for both home or trade customers, and local customer service.


We would like to emphasise that amidst this change, the entity behind the operations remains unchanged. Republic Group BV, the company that has always been at the helm, continues to stand firm without any alterations to its structure or function. This rebranding pertains solely to the commercial name and domain, transitioning from to Furnicher, to better represent our evolving portfolio and service offerings. Rest assured, Republic Group BV will persist in its commitment to excellence, upholding the same principles and standards that have guided us thus far. We look forward to serving you with the same reliability and dedication under our new banner.

Furnicher is here to stay, redefining the art of modern living. Join us on this transformative journey!


Thank you & happy shopping!

Team Furnicher


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