Furnicher Eco Policy 

Furnicher's Eco Policy


Climate change is a major challenge of our time and we are determined to be part of the solution.





Love your home, love your planet.

For all future generations, forests should be preserved.


Towards Sustainable Business

Furnicher's mission is to source eco-friendly and sustainable products and additional packaging wherever possible in order to minimise our environmental impact.

This includes our housekeeping, which is the general running of the business and offices and warehouses. It also applies to the process of sourcing and designing our own products as well as the materials used to ship parcels to customers.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and complying with all regulatory requirements. We have integrated environmental factors into core business decisions and we continue to increase awareness and train employees.


Responsible packaging

It is crucial to use packaging material. It is important to ensure that furniture is properly protected during transportation.

We believe we can reduce our environmental footprint by using responsible packaging. We will reduce our use of packaging materials while still protecting our furniture.

We will use recyclable and/or recycled materials as much as possible and search for alternative materials for the materials that we currently use.


Our Suppliers

We have a list of preferred suppliers. We are constantly updating our supplier list to look for new companies that share our vision of using sustainable, eco-friendly materials and production techniques to help us achieve our goal.

To ensure that suppliers and manufacturers are compliant with our Supplier Compliance, we send them a questionnaire. This allows us to categorise our products more efficiently and also provides clear information to our customers.



For all future generations, forests should be preserved.

Protecting our planet starts with us; Together.



 in partnership with

THG more trees eco x interiorr.com

For every order, we plant a tree in your honour, absolutely free!

Sustainable certified wood

For all future generations, forests should be preserved. We can help encourage responsible forestry by committing to sustainable certified wood.

This means that the wood is either from sustainable forests or from other responsible sources.

All our products made in our factories by 2026 will be FSC(tm), and we aim to use sustainable certified wood for all products containing wood by 2026.


Recycling & Upcycling

It is a natural part of every operation, so it makes sense to recycle. Recycling materials not only reduces landfill space, but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to recycle more of our production waste internally. The waste that we don't reuse internally must be recycled for external purposes, i.e. creating new products. 

In both the social and working areas, we provide recycling bins. We encourage employees to reuse and recycle whenever possible.

Our 3rd party waste management partners collects any broken products which are not suitable to re-sale at our outlet shop.

The contents of the skip are then taken to a transfer station where they are sorted for further recycling.

The general waste is then shredded and baled for Refused derived Recycling, which creates energy from waste.


Green electricity

Our Amsterdam headquarters & warehouse is equipped with a total of 1150 solar panels, with a capacity of 380,000 KWh per year of green electricity. This is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 100 households.

Switching over to green energy is one of the most important and easiest things any company or individual can do to reduce their emissions that cause climate change and air pollution.

Our Goal is to reduce energy waste in the company. We switched to solar panels and trained our staff to follow our policy regarding energy use.


Energy Usage

To reduce electricity waste, we have installed light sensors in our offices. They turn on and off as you enter or leave the room.

We also recommend turning off lights when they are not being used and shutting down electrical devices and computers at the end each day.

Heating is adjusted to reduce energy consumption. During induction training, our company promotes energy savings. Each employee has a responsibility for ensuring that our policy's objectives and aims are met.


Transport of goods

We are working to improve our environmental performance and gain a better understanding of how production and transport processes impact the environment. Cargo shipping is used to ship goods to Amsterdam from  international manufacturers. This method is the most eco-friendly option for international transport (over road or rail). We are constantly monitoring the effectiveness of this method and making improvements.


Our Couriers

Every courier we use to deliver parcels to customers is taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Visit their websites to learn more.

DHL & DPD currently has the EU’'s largest electric delivery vehicle fleet. Furnicher parcels will be delivered by one of DPD's or DHL electric delivery vehicles.

DHL Go Green uses more efficient freight than the industry average. DPD Green delivery will be present in 225 European cities by 2025.

To deliver Large & Fragile Items, we use a third-party private courier. All vehicles used by our couriers are eligible to enter low emission zones.


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