Explore our premium sofa range, featuring everything from snug corner sofas to spacious sectionals in materials like fabric, velvet, and corduroy.

Find the perfect match for your style and comfort needs, ensuring your space is both inviting and stylish.

Ideal for leisurely afternoons or entertaining guests, our collection includes versatile 2-seaters and roomy 3-seaters.

Enhance your living area with our sofa beds, making guest stays simple and comfortable.

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Create a relaxed environment at home

One of the most prominent pieces of furniture in your living room has to be the sofa. Therefore, you want to make sure you choose the right fit for your interior. But where do you begin? Well here at we have carefully selected the most stylish and highest quality sofas for you to choose from. 

The right type of sofa for you

Finding the right type of sofa can be overwhelming but we’ve made life easier for you. A fine selection of corner sofas, sofa beds and more that complement your living room in style. Even if you are looking for a cosy sofa that finds its place in limited space, we’ve got you covered. Afraid that your sofa is too comfy to abandon? A sofa bed eliminates the problem and allows you or your guests to stay put. With a functional click-system that lets you unfold a sofa into a proper bed at night. When you’re in need of a more spacious solution a corner sofa brings you exactly that. Find right-facing and left-facing corner sofas that fit like a glove in your home. 

Any type of upholstery to match your style & needs

The style and finish of your sofa is expressed by its colour and upholstery. A modern and sleek interior requires a matching leather sofa. And such a sofa is also characterised by its durability and resilience. If you want to go for a softer look a velvet sofa is your go to choice. With a variety of colours and types of sofas you are guaranteed to find a matching velvet sofa for your living room. For a more robust look with a soft feel we have a selection of stylish fabric sofas, which create a dynamic and illuminating look. And if you are worried about keeping your fabric, velvet or leather sofa clean, we have a suitable maintenance kit for each type.

Corner sofas? Leather 2 seater sofa? Rattan corner sofa?

For those looking to expand their interior with a natural touch you can find a rattan corner sofa that suits your needs. Combine it with a soft set of cushions and use in- or outdoors. For the conservative decorator we have a carefully selected assortment of fabric corner sofas. Soft to the touch and eye and easy to clean is all that you need in a suitable sofa for your living room. Looking for a more durable and kid proof sofa? Find a leather 2 seater sofa that suits your design needs. In case you need any assistance on finding the right sofa for you or picking the right colour, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff!

A touch of colour to spice things up

Brighten your interior with a splash of colour in your living room. A sofa in a matching colour can bring you that effortless feeling of comfort in combination with style. A green velvet sofa can be the eye-catching piece of furniture in your interior. Invite your friends and family for a movie night and get comfortable on your corner sofa. If you want to go for a lighter and less impacting look, a grey sofa may be the right choice. A neutral colour is ideal if you have a lighter interior in which you don’t want to break up the estethic. Put a grey 2 seater sofa in combination with a marble coffee table and your living space is ready to rock.  A colour you can almost never go wrong with is black. Our assortment includes a couple of black corner sofas that definitely suit your needs. Choose a large and deep sofa if you have the space or go for a compact sofa bed if you want to have a multifunctional piece. 


No matter what size, type or material sofa you are looking for, we have it!

At we have taken some time to make sure our range of sofas covers all your needs. With principles like quality, durability and design in mind we have selected 2 seater sofas, u shaped sofas, 3 seater sofas and more for you to choose from. We have made sure no cheap sofas were included in our offering to ensure that you enjoy a corner sofa for the longest time possible. With a sofa 2 seater you have enough space to enjoy your me-time. If you are looking for a more spacious solution a 3 seater sofa is perfect for you. For those who have a bigger space to fill we have small corner sofas or large corner sofas that complement your interior. Dive into the collection and find your perfect sofa!

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